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LOS Model The LOS Model

The LOS Model shows the 7 steps methodology to reinvent yourself. It has been created by Samuel T. Reddy as a map and a compass for your journey. At the centre of the LOS, you will find the 3LOS (Lead Oneself, Lead Others & Lead Organisations) which are the core of effective leadership. This method is used by many industry leaders from CEOs to senior military leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide.



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The world has changed and so must you.


Predominantly, we have the traditionalists who will be those born before 1945, followed by the largest generation the baby boomers, and their children, the Gen X or Generation X (those born...


While being appreciated and valued for your work is a wonderful thing, it has now become harder to be noticed. If you continue to feel undervalued and unappreciated by your company, it might be a...


The world has changed, in the last ten years we have seen a shift in the work place. We see checkouts at the shops being automated, we have cars ready to be driverless, we have cashiers being...

The Book Leavers To Leaders By Samuel T. Reddy

Believe it or not, you already have everything you need to make the change as a leaver to a leader. At the core of the 7 steps you will find the 3 LOS (Leader’s Operating System) that will enable you to accomplish all of the above.

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